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Who We Are

The Foundation has grown to be a provider of Trust Services (First Party and Third Party Trusts) allowing people with developmental disabilities to have their own trust fund to provide for their supplemental needs without affecting their eligibility for public benefit programs.

Our Background

The AHRC Foundation was founded by key members of Nassau County's developmental disability (I/DD) community and members of the Long Island corporate community. The Foundation's goal was simple; to provide a financial safety net for the I/DD community that would ensure high-quality services would be available, regardless of budget shortfalls and/or the political climate.

Our Mission

In fulfilling its mission, the Foundation provides needed and strategic supports through grant awards that advance the health, education, independence, acceptance and varied opportunities for children and adults with IDD across their lifetime. Nassau County AHRC Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to publicly solicit and receive funds that will be utilized for the benefit of people with intellectual and  developmental disabilities. Thousands of children and adults benefit from the Foundation’s support to provider organizations such as AHRC NassauBrookville Center for Children’s ServicesCitizensAdvantage Care Health Centers. Our Community Impact Fund awards grants to community-based organizations who are providing exceptional services and supports across the Long Island.

Make An Impact

A gift to the AHRC Foundation ensures there is funding fully dedicated to meeting the current and future needs of the Long Island I/DD community.

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