Supplemental Needs Trusts


The AHRC Foundation established its Community Trust Services which allows people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to have their own trust fund to provide for their supplemental needs without affecting their eligibility for government benefits.  Government benefits can include SSI, Medicaid and other public benefit programs.

A parent, relative or any other person may establish an account within the Trust and designate a person with a developmental disability as the beneficiary. A trust can also be established by beneficiary individually.

AHRC Foundation currently administers two trusts:

  • Community Trust I (a Third Party Trust)
  • Community Trust II (a First Party Trust)

About Our Trustees

There are five Trustees, each of whom has an extensive background in the law, banking, investments and finance and serve as members on the AHRC Foundation Board of Directors. Additionally, they are either a parent or sibling of a person with a developmental disability and in a position to understand the unique needs and challenges of people with IDD. The Trustees establish the investment policy and utilize the services of a professional custodian and investment advisor.

The Trustees welcome inquiries from the greater community and other service providers who are interested in learning more about our Community Trust services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

To discuss AHRC Foundation’s supplemental needs trust program, please call Mary McNamara, Foundation Director at 516-626-1075 at extension 1133.